Need a bit of inspiration? Here are some bespoke box ideas for you.

    • A ‘Mums Night Off Box’

Relaxing Bath Salts, Time Out Tea, A Space Mask Eye Mask, A Doisy & Dam Chocolate Bar

    • A Box for baby blues, perinatal anxiety or postnatal depression

Rose Quartz Necklace, Yes mum Cards, Calming Aromatherapy Roller, Hormone Balancing Tea.

    • A Box for A Breast-Feeding Mama

Soothing Nip Balm, Mother Milk Tea, Lactation Flapjack, ‘You Got This’ Sea Kelp scented candle.

    • A Box for the ‘Bone Tired’ Mother

Time Out Tea, Space Mask eye mask, ‘And Breathe’ Luxury Lavender Candle, ‘Calm’ Aromatherapy Roller.

    • A Box for The Tea Loving Mama

First Trimester Tea, Second & Third Trimester Tea, Postnatal Tea, Time Out Tea.

    • A ‘Sorry You Are Having a Tough Time’ Box

Rose Quartz Necklace, Black Pomegranate ‘All The Love’ Luxury Candle, ‘Calm’ Aromatherapy Roller.


The Combinations are endless! Have fun putting your box together, and just shout if you need us – we are full of good ideas!